Kintamani is beautifully seen at the day time around 10:00 am until 15:00 pm especially having fine weather where entire Kintamani area will be able to be seen clearly. Generally, all tourists who pay a visit to this place will arrive in the day time where they can enjoy the panorama or enjoy the lunch in the local restaurant with lake view. Mostly restaurants at Kintamani generally own very beautiful view where tourist merging into their lunch in this restaurant and meanwhile enjoy the panorama.

Kintamani is located in Kintamani sub district, Bangli Regency and about 50 km from Denpasar Town or about 2 hours by car. All roads are generally in good condition to access to this place. The fog will descend and blanket entire area of Kintamani with cold temperature in particular at late afternoon until the whole of night. The most amazing panorama at Kintamani can be seen in the morning time, when the sunrise emerges on the surface of earth precisely on the mount Batur .

Kintamani is in the area of north-eastern Bali at the Mount Batur caldera, and which encompasses Penelokan, Toya Bungkah, Batur and Kintamani villages, is known widely as just Kintamani. Kintamani, Batur and Penelokan villages sit on the rim of the huge Batur caldera about 1,500m above sea level, and offer dramatic views of the active volcano Mount Batur and serene Lake Batur. Toyo Bungkah village is down at the lake edge.

As well as the lake and the volcano, Kintamani is home to Pura Ulun Danu Batur, one of Bali’s key nine directional temples.


You are high in the mountains of Bali here and the temperature is usually about 15 degrees cooler than down on the coast, and even more so at night. That, coupled with the often cloudy and drizzly weather, makes a sweater or jacket advisable in the day time and vital after sunset.

Getting There

By car

Kintamani is usually approached from the south with 2 routes in from Ubud (45 minutes), and one each from Besakih (1 hour) and Bangli (30 minutes). There is also an easy way in from the north via a turning off the coast road east of Singaraja (1 hour). All private vehicles pay entry charge to get into the area of Rp 6,000 per person. Keep the ticket as this is valid for the whole Kintamani area, and you may be asked to show it again.

From the popular tourist destinations in South Bali, a trip to Kintamani by car will take 90 minutes plus.

By bus or bemo

There are daily shuttle bus services from Ubud which are widely advertised locally there. Book 24 hours in advance. Kintamani is served by bemos and buses from Batubulan terminal in Denpasar for about Rp 25,000. These are torturously slow though. Organised tours to this area are widely offered in all major centres of Bali.


Getting Around

Not too many visitors choose to stay in this area, but instead view the local sites by car or motorbike in the course of a day. Bemos do ply the caldera road between Penelokan and Kintamani villages. Look for the orange vans and expect to pay about Rp 10,000 for any local journey. With the climate being quite cool up here, the area makes for pleasant walking.

Accommodations in Kintamani

The Ayu Kintamani Hotel

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Attractions in Kintamani

The main attraction for visitors is located around Lake Batur where Penelokan village provides spectacular views of this crater lake and Mount Batur, set in a vast volcanic caldera. Photo opportunities abound, but try to be there as early in the morning as you can manage before the cloud inevitably starts to gather.

Batur Lake

Batur Lake is the old crater of Mount Batur, a still active volcano next to it. It is located on the northern part of Bali. The largest lake overshadowed by the active volcano is located in Bangli Regency, at the northeast of Bali. Batur Lake is the widest lake in this island. It lies down in the feet of Mount Batur and Mount Abang.The lake is classified as a “neutral-dilute” lake because there is no known underlying hydrothermal activity, and the abundant rainfall more than quenches any such activity. There is a hot spring right by the lake. We can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Batur Lake from Kintamani.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is actually just a small volcano, but its setting is in the heart of a huge crater 14km in diameter. Adjacent to the volcano is the large crescent-shaped Batur Lake, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim. The sheer size of the crater conjures up images of the massive eruption of the original Mount Batur that occurred tens of thousands years ago.

Pura Ulun Danu Batur

Further northwest along the rim of the caldera is Pura Ulun Danu Batur (“Head of the Lake“) with obvious Indian influences. This is one of the most significant religious complexes on Bali. Lake Batur is the source of dozens of underground springs, which help regulate the flow of water for the farmlands and sacred pools throughout the whole south-central region. Farmers from all over the island pay homage here to Ida Batari Dewi Ulun Danu, the life-sustaining and highly venerated goddess of the lake, who supplies the 37 rivers, tributaries, dams, and irrigation canals between here and the sea with water.

The nine-temple complex, with its impressive tall gateway, contains a maze of 285 shrines and pavilions dedicated to the deities of water, agriculture, holy springs, and arts and crafts. The largest temple, Pura Penataran Agung Batur, consists of five spacious well-swept black-gravel courtyards filled with rows of thatched-roof meru towers. The 11-roofed meru in the inner courtyard is dedicated to Dewi Danu, the goddes of the lake.Entry is by donation here – Rp 10,000



Activities in Kintamani

Climbing Mount Batur

A climb to the summit of Mount Batur – 1,700 metres and still an active volcano – to watch the sunrise is a great experience for more energetic travellers. This is an easy climb of about 2 hours, and local guides abound. You do not need to be in peak physical shape to complete this trek. Which parts of the mountain are safely accessible change according to local volcanic activity.

Spending Time Around The Lake

Finishing your trek in Mount Batur, you can walk around the lake while taking photos of the lake with the volcano and morning sun light at the background. Walk around the village road and see the onion farms growing. You can have your breakfast in a local restaurant. There is a floating restaurant you can try by the lake.

Soak in the Hot Spring

The volcanic activity in Kintamani has given way to a number of spas and hot springs that tap into the scorching temperatures below the surface. The Batur Natural Hot Springs can be reached by a steep, downhill road from Penelokan. Located directly on the western edge of Lake Batur, the hot springs has both hot pools and cooler lake-supplied pools. Mats for lounging along the lakeside are the perfect place to get a drink and relax after a long day of exploring.

Canoeing & Cycling

Canoeing & Cycling Tours (C Bali), Front of Segara Hotel, Kedisan Village (Drive down to Lake Batur and turn left). The company only offers tours on Lake Batur Canoeing, Cycling, and cultural tours through the villages around the Lake. If you do not want to deal with annoying touts in the area, the company will pick you up from the South and takes you to a tour of the beautiful scenery in this area. Prices start from Rp 350,000 including all meals, beverages, transportation and activities.


What to Buy

Kintamani is the pushy souvenir hawker capital of Bali. They will surely target you the moment you arrive and try to admire the view. If you are confident handling the haggling with these vendors, Kintamani can turn out to be an interesting shopping experience. If you are not, and allow such things to bother you, the level of hassle here can make for an unpleasant experience.

Fruit and vegetables. Kintamani is renowned for growing oranges (especially) and other fruit. You will see lots of streetside vendors in this area selling excellent quality freshly picked fruit. The local orange is called Jeruk Kintamani and is delicious. The areas down around the lake (especially on the eastern shore) are market gardens for all sorts of cool climate vegetables.

Dinning in Kintamani

There are a large number of  buffet restaurants sited on the main road in Kintamani and Penelokan. These are aimed at tour buses. These restaurants offer fantastic views across the lake and the vlocano, and serve all-you-can-eat lunch buffets at acceptable prices. You could instead head for local food stands and other outlets close to Kintamani market and smaller restaurants in Penelokan.

In Toya Bungkah there are several small restaurants that specialize in locally caught fish from Lake Batur.

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