Pasir Putih Beach ( White Sand Beach )

The Pasir Putih Beach, Bali is one of the finest beaches in Indonesia. This pristine white sandy beach is nearly 400 meters wide. It looks picturesque with tall waving palms trees and a few bamboo warungs in the surrounding. The beach is nestled off the main road in the village of Perasi in East Bali. Hordes of tourists from the world over come to the Pasir Putih Beach, Bali every year and spend a nice time.

The Pasir Putih Beach in Bali is an ideal destination for families, couples and adventurous people. Those who crave for tropical relaxation would like this beach especially. During your visit to this beautiful beach, you can stay at any of the several guest houses in Jasri, situated to the east of the beach. You can also opt to stay at any of the guest houses located along the coast of Ujung, to the east of the Pasir Putih Beach. Candi Dasa, nestled to the west of the Pasir Putih Beach, provides numerous lodging options as well.

It needs about 2.5 hours to reach the Pasir Putih Beach, Bali from Kuta by car. To reach this exotic beach, drive east from Kuta towards Sanur. Connect to the Kusamba Bypass from Sanur which helps you to move towards East Bali. Drive on the coastal road past Candi Dasa, and once you reach the Perasi village, ask the locals the directions for Pasir Putih Beach.

Pasir Putih Beach is an ideal destination and perfect for beach lovers who want tropical relaxation, and who have time on their hands. Families, couples and adventurous people will love it. If you are in a hurry or don’t like leaving the Kuta area, or seeking shopping destinations, a selection of foods, and creatures comforts it is best that you stay away from Pasir Putih Beach.


Drive East from Kuta towards Sanur. From there take the Kusamba Bypass to East Bali. Keep driving on the coastal road past Candi Dasa and slow down when you come to Perasi, from there ask for directions from locals for Pasir Putih. The total driving time from Kuta is 2.5 hours.

Facilities available at the Pasir Putih Beach

  • Parking
  • Beach goers can rest in the shade of plenty of trees behind the beach. Moreover, a number of umbrellas have been recently installed at the beach.
  • There are shacks selling drinks / nasi goreng. Etc at the beach
  • You might try snorkeling from a boat
  • Swimming is allowed at the beach

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