Located in the northwest of Bali, the Pemuteran Area is situated in Bali Sea, just a few kilometer from the north beach of West Bali. Actually the area of diving site we are talking about is still included into the area of the Bali Barat National Park. Like Menjangan Island, the Pemuteran Area is a part of the Bali Barat National Park. Legally protected by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Pemuteran Area is just a few minute drive to the east direction of Teluk Terima.

Pemuteran is about a 30-minutes drive from Lovina and if you are coming from this direction you have almost arrived at Pemuteran and you’ll be greeted first with stunning green mountain slopes (during the rainy season) which dominate the village.

Pemuteran village consists mainly of one main road with mountains on one side, the beach and most big resorts on the other side. Surprisingly though, between these resorts there are still many little dirt roads that take you to the houses where the local fishermen and farmers live. That’s when you realize that tourism in Pemuturan is still very much underdeveloped and that the Balinese here are relatively poor compared to other parts of the island.


Visitors usually arrive in Pemuteran on the north coast road from Lovina or Singaraja or from the west at Gilimanuk. Regular bemos ply the north coast road but they are very slow and get extremely crowded. You will have no problem renting a car with driver to take you from Lovina to Pemuteran – fix the price in advance and make sure petrol is included. A direct ride to Pemuteran from tourist centers in the south will take about four hours depending on traffic on the coast roads.


This is a great place to walk or get around by bicycle. Your hotel will be able to help if you decide you need to rent a motorbike.


The beaches in Pemuteran are unspoiled and look far nicer than most of the beaches in the Bali Kuta beach area. From what we have experienced there are beautiful stretches of beach in front of the Taman Selini and the Taman Sari hotel.

When you want to do something cultural then there’s the Pura Tirta Pulaki. With the mountain wall looming behind the complex, this recently restored temple is a pretty mystical sight.

But while you admire the temple, beware of the naughty monkeys. Like in other places in Bali they can get pretty aggressive so watch out that they don’t snatch away your sun glasses or bottles of water.

Early morning dolphin watching boat trips can be arranged through any hotel. By no means guaranteed, but you have a decent chance of finding a pod here.The area around Pulaki village just east of Pemuteran is full of vineyards and is the centre of the grape growing industry in Bali.



Pemuteran Area is a place where you can find out many various coral reefs. Known as Takas, these coral reefs are setup and built by pretty average shallowwater banks; a reeftop covered with a mix of tough, shallow-water soft corals (Lobophyton, Sarcophyton, Sinularia), fire coral, and hardy stony coral (Acropora, Porites) with some sponges, gorgonians, and black coral spirals showing up in the deeper areas. There are many tropical reef fish and a profusion of Moorish Idol. There is also a turtle sanctuary located at Pemuteran with regular releases of turtles into the sea, which have been bred at the Sanctuary.

Besides diving you can also go hiking at the National Park West Bali. You can arrange trekking tours at the resorts (around USD30) and bird watching tours (around USD55). But you can also drive to Labuhan Lalang (the same location if you want to go snorkeling at Menjangan island).

Here at the National Park office they offer one day trekking tours. Tours can also start at Cekik village on the other side of National Park West Bali. You need an authorized guide to get into the park and depending how long you want to go the price ranges between USD 15 and USD 50 excluding transport and food.


Pemuteran, may be this small fishing village on the northern coast of West Bali sounds unfamiliar. But this secluded area is a perfect place to escape from the busy crowded south area so that you can be yourself along the holiday. Don’t be worried about the accommodation and places to eat. Although this is a country area, Pemuteran has several private resort and quality restaurants as follows:

Dewi Ramona

This exclusive and finest dining at north-western coast offers various quality cuisines. You can taste the delectable Italian, vegetarian, seafood, international, and Balinese dishes in casual elegant design. If you are curious with Balinese dishes, Dewi Ramona has best Balinese dishes such as: Tum Tongkol (steamed tuna with Balinese secret recipe covered with banana leaves), Babi Kecap (pork cooked with sweet soy and star anise), Nashipear Salad with smoked duck breast. Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Pemuteran.(0362) 92. 312

Leon Beach Bistro

Leon Beach Bistro provides classical al fresco dining right on the beach. This restaurant offering mainly Italian fare and Balinese dishes, will also cater the need of mouthwatering seafood. Enjoy the various selections of pastas, vegetarian dishes, and Balinese fare especially Balinese Spring Roll as the appetizer while relishing majestic Ocean View. As the main course you may try delicious pastas or Pepes Ikan (Snapper mixed with secret spices covered with banana leaves) served with sambal matah. Matahari Beach Resort & Spa, Pemuteran (0362) 92.312

Taman Selini

This charming beach and poolside restaurant is located in a small quality resort in Pemuteran. Taman Selini offers unique menu of Greek, Seafood, and a few numbers of Italian favorites at low prices. Try its Assorted Plates of Greek Meze with pita bread and yummy grilled chicken wings. For lunch, dinner, or cafe style dishes, this eatery will satisfy you. Taman Selini Beach Bungalows Pemuteran, (0362) 94.746

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