Menjangan Island

Menjangan island is a small island that located at Jembrana district, Bali Indonesia. Menjangan island is a part of the West Bali National Park. This area is famous for its beautiful sea tourism and its amazing diving area. Even though the island is a significant part of Bali Barat National Park, it is assigned to the Javanese administrative district and falls under its jurisdiction.

This place can be reached easily via a small port at Jimbaran district namely Labuhan Lalang. Labuhan Lalang is about 10 kilometers from Gilimanuk port. From Labuhan Lalang, visitors can cross into Menjangan island. When entering the Labuhan Lalang, tourists will charged USD 0.30 per person. For crossing, visitors can rent a boat at this place. The boat cost is about USD 30 for five hours. Crossing to the island takes about 30 minutes.

Arriving there, visitors will greet by beautiful coastal scenery, a white sandy beach with exotic green toward blue shades at the sea. This color gradation is caused by marine plankton that thrives among the sponges. In addition, visitors can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish that swim freely on the beach.  Peoples said that Menjangan beach is more beautiful than Caribbean beaches, more than Kuta beach or Nusa Dua beach.

“Menjangan” in Indonesian means “deer”. As the name suggests, the other unique attractions of this island is the wild deers that inhabit this place. These animals live freely throughout the island, but its existence is threatened due to the hunter. The government tried to prevent the deers extinction by entering Menjangan island to the West Bali National Park.


Menjangan island is located in in the far west of Bali island. Approximately 3 hours from the air port using your own car.

Travel by car or Motor bike (own or rental)

From Ngurah Rai Bali international airport – get direction to Tabanan regency (Tabanan is located in west side of Denpasar about 25 km away). You wont missed any sign to get to Tabanan.

From Tabanan follow the main road to the west heading to Gilimanuk (the crossing harbor to Java). Again, you wont miss any sign to get here. Follow the road up to the city of Bajera.

Near Bajera, you will find a T junction – both are heading to Gilimanuk but using different path. Left using south path and right using right path through Pupuan and Seririt. South path is the main road, while the north path is not a main road and first 5 km the road is not so good. If you wish a smooth journey – take south path. If you wish an adventure with beautiful scenery – choose the north path (this might take longer). Using GPS sometimes is very useful.

Travel by Public Transportation

Well, the public transportation is not that good in Bali. But it still can be done.

From the airport, you need to get to Ubung Terminal (about 15 km away from the airport). To get here from the airport is not that easy. The best way to get there is using airport taxi – cost approximately Rp. 50.000,-

From Ubung Terminal – get the bus to Gilimanuk – the bus is usually depart every 1 hours. The cost approximately Rp. 40.000,-. From here you can get a sleep about 3 hours in the bus. Not the best sleep it should be, but its okay.

Approximately 1 km from the Gilimanuk harbor – get the bus stop in the T junction. Straight to the harbor and right to Buleleng via Menjangan island. On the T junction, there are public transportation waiting for the passenger during the day to  Menjangan island. Need to research the cost, since I never get this means of transportation. From here, the driver should know where to stop. Enjoy Menjangan island.



Menjangan Island Bali is known as the location for having a great scuba diving and snorkeling experience. It is where you are able to encounter a wide variety of fish in various sizes, colors and shapes. Statistics mentions that there are approximately 110 reefs species and 226 reef’s fish species. When you go diving in Menjangan Island, you will enjoy a spectacular unspoiled coral, a great variety of tropical fish, and also a view of a small shipwreck 600 m out. However, when you are diving, you must pay extra attention to the presence of stinging jellyfish. They can sting you and you will be in a pain within an hour.



Besides the wonderful underworld, Menjangan Island Bali is also famous for the oldest temple in Bali called as The Gili Kencana Temple. This temple was believed to be built under the Majapahit period. Besides the Gili Kencana Temple, there are also the other three temples known as Segara Giri Temple, Klenting Sari Temple and also Gajah Mada Temple. So many people come to these four temples, especially during the holiday season, because it is believed that people who give a visit and pay homage here will be rewarded with kids. That’s why, many couples who haven’t got any children are often coming to these temples, and wishing to get children.

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