Wedding Hair and Makeup

Professional Makeup & hair styling for your wedding in Bali

I think we do not need to discuss the importance of good makeup & hair styling for a bride’s wedding day. It simply feels good to look good! You may ask whether there are any good makeup artists available in Bali and how to find them. Well, the good news is that there are a few options for professional makeup & hair styling available in Bali. But you will need to be selective because there are also some mediocre stylists in Bali who do not adhere to the standards an international bride would expect.

Some brides do also consider having a friend who is attending the wedding to do the makeup & hair or even do it by themselves. While this may be a perfectly fine approach in some cases it poses the following potential problems.  Many bride’s and their friends doing makeup & hair may underestimate Bali’s very humid, tropical climate. So you normal choice of makeup and cosmetics may not be appropriate for Bali and may deteriorate faster than you expected.  The same applies for hair styling.  A good stylist in Bali will take the special conditions in Bali into consideration when choosing cosmetics and styles of your makeup &hair.

Therefore you well advised to  appoint a good Bali based makeup & hair stylist who can apply a styling to you that will not only look good in the room where it is applied but hold until the evening when your reception is in full swing.  Or even apply some patch up for the photo session after the ceremony or before the evening commences.

Be cautious though and chose a reputable and experienced makeup company and who use international standard cosmetics and tools. Some makeup artists in Bali use cheap cosmetics in order to safe on cost and make their packages look cheap.

One company in particular we would like to recommend is: BALI makeup & Hair – they provide excellent, yet affordable makeup & hair styling. For more options you may want to turn to Google.

Be careful with makeup artists than come with the package. Often wedding packages that come with makeup & hair styling are of inferior quality. Would you if you were to do a wedding back home hire a makeup artist and/or a hair stylist before seeing an extensive portfolio of that person’s work ?  I am often amazed how much clients rely on the recommendation of their wedding vendor or the package offered by hotels / venues / chapels, etc…  only to find out that what they booked is not what they hoped for. (Source posted by: Jameela@baliweddingblog)

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