Do’s and Don’ts



Do hire a professional wedding organizer.

Do communicate with two or three before making your decision so as to compare the level of service and comprehension you are dealing with.  Remember that just because they are on the www doesn’t mean they are professional operators.

Do look for recommendations of past customers either on the site or by asking them for some reference couples located in your own country to whom you may speak directly about the services they received.

If you can do so, give yourself lots of planning time but if you can’t do so, ensure you have selected the most professional organizer available to help.  This is particularly important in the case of a short amount of time between planning and marrying.

Do book your organizer as soon as your flights are confirmed.

Do make sure your passports are in order – 6 month’s minimum validity is required for travel to Indonesia and for most countries a visa will be issued upon arrival.  Recheck your own situation with your travel agent.

Do give your organizer a clear picture of exactly the image you have in mind for your ceremony and celebration and so they can recommend a location ideally suited to your image.

Do ask your wedding organizer for inexpensive gift ideas for your guests – a true professional will have a few lovely ideas which won’t break the bank.

Do prepare a record keeping system to organize your wedding correspondence and other wedding related records.  Use a ring binder and include such headings as travel agent, wedding organizer, wedding required documentation, appointments, clothing, rings, tracking of guests lists, gifts, etc.

Do be flexible and keep your overall budget in mind.

Do open a gift registry for your friends and family to utilize in your own country and ask your wedding organizer what arrangements can be made for them to order gifts through them whilst in Bali if they wish to do so.

Do practice with makeup and hairdos before your trip to Bali and if you have booked an organizer send a photograph of your required hairstyle so they can give it to their hairstylist in advance of your arrival.  You can also bring one with you.


Don’t choose a wedding organizer because they are the cheapest.  There are reasons they are offering a lower price and in the end you get what you pay for.

Don’t assume anything – get everything in writing.

Don’t send any money to a bank account not in the name of the wedding organizer you have selected.  If you have chosen an ‘unofficial’ wedding organizer then you better tell them you’ll pay when you visit their office after arriving in Bali.

Don’t make decisions about your wedding without consulting your partner – it’s his/her wedding too.

Don’t be distracted by everyone else’s advice – it’s your wedding and must be the way you wish it to be.

Don’t forget to hire a certified wedding organizer to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with planning this ‘once in a lifetime’ event.  This is especially important when traveling so far for your wedding.

Don’t try to make everyone happy – it’s impossible and will only give you stress.

Don’t rely on friends and family to photograph or video your wedding.  Hire professionals!

Don’t schedule your bacherlor/bacherlorette party the night before the wedding.  You may be hungover on your wedding day and will definitely look and feel tired.

Don’t arrive late to your ceremony.


Pamper Yourself – have a relaxing massage.

Spend time with your parents if they have traveled with you.

Relax and enjoy your day – have a manicure and pedicure.

Eat a light meal or meals.

Maintain a sense of humor.

Keep the lines of communication open with your fiancé and parents if they are with you.

Do it your way – it’s your day! (

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