Bali Wedding Legal?

Is a Bali wedding legal (and valid in my home country) ?

A very frequently asked question by couples wanting to get married in Bali is whether a wedding in Bali is legal and also recognized in their home country. The short answer to this is: YES, it is. But it does not necessarily need to be if you don’t want or require a legal marriage. Therefore you may also opt to only hold a blessing ceremony or a vow renewal ceremony. Getting legally married in Bali is easier than you may think.

Your wedding organizer will advise you on the details. I need to ad that the procedure on how to make your wedding in Bali are similar for most nationalities but may vary slightly from country to country. For countries which do not have a consulate in Bali it may become a slightly more complicated because, for most nationalities getting legally married involves a visit to your home countries consulate or embassy. You will also need to have some paperwork ready when you come to Bali and your wedding organizer will guide you through the process. (Source: [email protected])

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