Getting Married in Bali

All over the world people consider Bali to be a true paradise. Besides leisure and relaxation, Bali also offers many beautiful and romantic locations for those in love to experience a unique wedding. Bali is the chosen venue for sweethearts from all over the world to be legally married. It is possible for most nationalities of the world to be legally married here in the beautiful island of Bali.

Weddings are celebrated by many and for your very own nuptial ceremony; you want it to be more special and unique. Making your big day in Bali an exceptional one is not impossible. In fact, you can easily find numerous ways of making it happen.

We compile some articles to give you some insights and general advise in planning your big day!

Timing for a wedding in Bali

How to choose your wedding organizer for a Bali wedding?

A wedding is not a package!

Catholic weddings in Bali no more, or… ?

A Bali wedding in rain – what to do and prepare

Is a Bali wedding legal (and valid in my home country) ?

What should I expect to budget for a luxurious Bali wedding?

Professional Makeup & hair styling for your wedding in Bali

Bali beach wedding

Bali wedding helpful info

Do’s and Don’t in planning your wedding

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