Bali Safari and Marine Park

Home to hundreds amazing animals representing more than 50 species, including some of rare and endangered species. Combining Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah, Bali Safari and Marine Park features the following exhibits featuring Sumatrapan elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and cheetah are just some of the fascinating creatures that can be seen at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.


The Safari gives visitors the opportunity to see animals out on the open range from the safety of a safari tram, offering visitors a close encounter into the world of animals around the world. An expert guide accompanies you as you travel through the safari and see a variety of animals, including elephants, hippos, lions, tigers, and much more.  If you really want to interact with the animals, there are also opportunities to ride an elephant, pony, or camel. You can also attend a number of different animal shows or educational talks about the animals in the park.


The Marine Park has plenty to offer to those interested in marine life.  There is an aquarium which features a variety of different types of fish and sea life.  One of the exciting new things being added to the Marine Park is a Dolphin Encounter, which will allow visitors to see these gorgeous creatures up close and even interact with them.

KAMPUNG GAJAH (Elephant Village)

Get acquainted with the mightiest elephants. Ride through a daring elephant trek and enjoy our inspiring elephant educational show.


Animal show will tell various animals’ behaviors in Bali Safari & Marine Park. Some of them are intelligent animals that can be friend with human being like Elephant, Orang Utan, Cockatoo and Poodles until predator animals like Eagles.


Orangutan is one of large primata species in Kalimantan (Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus) dan Sumatra (Pongo pygmaeus abelli). Among the primata group, Orangutan is the third most intellegent primata after Chimpanzee and Gorilla. Orangutans spend most of their times on the trees (Arboreal). Their basic food is fruit, green young leaves until bird eggs. Here in Bali Safari & Marine Park we will see the intelligence of trained Orangutans and birds


Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) is an institution that deals extensively with ex-situ conservation of Sumatran Elephants. However, it has also established important and pioneering links between in-situ and ex-situ elephant conservation efforts. Since 1985, Taman Safari Indonesia has been involved in helping to solve the human – elephant conflict in Sumatra. One achievement was the establishment of Elephants Training Centre (ETCs). TSI started the first ETC in Way Kambas National Park in Lampung Province than established other ETCs in Riau and Aceh. There are now six Elephant Training Center in Sumatra.

Bali Safari & Marine Park also established for Elephant captivity. We call it “Kampung Gajah” or Elephant Village, where we house 20 Sumatran Elephants right now. Here, you can enjoy yourself with the Elephant trail, cuddles with the baby Elephants, take some pictures, elephant feeding and also you can see the elephants education show. These elephants education show tells about the characteristics, their habits in the wild, and the differences between Sumatran elephant and African elephant. Elephant is the biggest wild animal since its body weight can be 5,000 kg, while the female weight is lighter. The spreading out of Asian elephants is in India, Peninsula, Sumatra, and Sri Lanka.

Comparing to the African elephants, Asian elephants have smaller body. These wild animals live in groups, consisting about 10-30 elephants in a group. Their foods are all kinds of grasses and fruits. Only male elephants have ivory tusks. The tusks start to grow at the age of 2 or 3 years old. Tusk of female is not appearing. The pregnancy period of an elephant is 22 months & they give birth 1 or 2 baby elephants.


Stroll along the road that leads you to the realm of ranthambore, a recreation of an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the fortress relics, Ranthambore is the home of the majestic White Tiger that live in their truest habitat. Encounter the mighty beasts on ground for underwater.


Get wet and wild in our Water Park or embark with Jungle Cruise to amazing Amazon, Fun Zone extends your excitement with fun-tastic amusement for all ages.  A gigantic bucket that periodically fills with water and splashes into the pool to cool your day. Relax on the pool side and have fun with your family


Meet the ferocious Piranhas on fresh water aquarium. Design with an open space , this one of a kind aquarium has many collections of fish from Indonesia, South America and Africa.


A collection of statues of Rahwana and Hanoman, the God Monkey from the stories of Ramayana.  Hanoman court is a home to exotic Birds and Orang utan encounters.It is the main stage for animal educational and entertainment shows.


The indoor mega-stage theatre complex has a 1200 seating capacity, fully equipped with advanced multi-media technology with “state of the art” sound and lighting. Performing the legendary epic story of Bali Agung. A marriage of the ancient Balinese and Chinese culture of King Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wei.


Taste the Balinese heritage traditional recipe!
The main restaurant with a seating capacity for 800 guests, Uma (means Paddy-field) Restaurant is an All-day Dining with a village theme serving International, Asian, and local specialties prepared freshly from our open-concept counters.


An unforgettable dinning experience. Balai safari & Marine Park-Tsavo Lions restaurant relives the legendary pair of Tsavo Lion who become famous by killing and eating more than one hundred railway worker on the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1898.


Spend your day at our four-star luxurious African treetop lodges and accommodation. With African savannah overview through your bedroom window where Chapman Zebras, Oryxes,  Wildebeest and White Rhinos roaming freely while you can enjoy the stunning Balinese sunset

Overall the Safari and Marine Park is an excellent way to enjoy some time in Bali.  You can choose to explore at your leisure and take part in what interests you, or you can look into booking a package.  These might include a private tour, a meal at one of the main restaurants, admission to various attractions and activities within the park, and even a unique souvenir to take home with you.

Opening Hours: week days 09:00-17:00, weekends and holidays 08:30-17:00

How to get there: The Bali Safari & Marine Park is near Lebih Beach 20 kilometers north of the city of Denpasar. The park is a 30 minute drive from Sanur along the coastal highway to Candi Dasa. It is well-signposted.

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