Bali Butterfly Park

The Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan is the island’s sole butterfly enclosure. Acres of charming grounds and intricately landscaped gardens,  making it a lovely home to these beautiful creatures. It’s a better place to relax with the whole family; you can find and see various kinds of endemic species from all over Indonesia. Beautiful and colourful butterflies are released to flying every day.

Bali Butterflies Park is arguably considered as the only one place for breeding and preservation. You can see the metamorphosis of butterflies very clearly. Even more if you are lucky you can be witness of how butterflies break out of cocoon second by second and fly beautifully for the first time. Indeed this place is not only operated as a tourist destination but also as a big laboratory for research used for educational and scientific purpose. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Besides butterflies Bali Butterflies Park has some species of grasshopper, beetle, and even scorpion. The grasshopper is released on the wide green park so that you can find some while walking. In addition beetle and scorpion are placed in an aquarium which looks like a cave for visitors’ safety.

Located in Jl.Batukaru, Br.Sandan lebah, Wanasari vilage, Tabanan Regency, approximately 35 Km.western of Denpasar, or 6 the north from Tabanan center .

Open daily : 8 am to 5.30 pm
Admission Fee : Rp 40,000 or USD 4

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