Attractions Nearby Bali

Many island attractions are relatively close to Bali, often being suitable for day trips. Popular excursions include part of the archipelago named the Lesser Sundra Islands, the attractions of Flores are close to Bali, as well as the islands of Komodo, Lembata and Sumbawa.

The island of Java is simply enormous and to the west of Bali. The fifth-largest island within Indonesia, Java has a population which tops 120 million, and so you can imagine that the main attractions are very spread out. You may also like to catch a ferry and explore the islands of Lombok, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

Boat services run regularly to Lombok, Flores and islands further east. Combined bus and ferry services will take you to destinations in Java such as Yogyakarta.


The island of Flores lies directly to the east of Bali and is home to a population of roughly 1.5 million. Attractions on Flores come in many guises, with superb scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities presenting themselves along the northerly coastline, as well as next to the westerly village of Labuanbajo, where harmless whale sharks can often be observed. However, the leading attraction on Flores is the Kelimutu volcano, which boasts three separate summit crater lakes, each of which is a different color.  More Info…

Lian Bua -- the cave on Flores Island where the Hobbit fossils were unearthed


To explore Java properly, you will really need to spend an entire holiday here, although the top sights could certainly be enjoyed in just a few days. Prominent destinations on Java include the cities of Bandung, Banyuwangi, Bogor, Cirebon, Depok, Jakarta, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Both Jakarta and Yogyakarta are especially recommended and are linked to Bali by plane, suiting those short of time. More Info…

Jakarta and Bandung are located in Java Island


Komodo Island has become an important and very famous national park and is within Indonesia’s Wallacea region. Located to the far east of Bali, next to Rinca and between the islands of Flores (east) and Sumbawa (west), Komodo makes for a very popular day trip, with boat loads of tourists arriving to marvel at its beautiful landscape, and flora and fauna attractions, which include boars, cockatoos, water buffalo, and of course, the Komodo Dragon, an enormous lizard that can reach more than 3 meters / 10 feet in length. Komodo National Park was actually founded in 1980 and has since become an important World Heritage Site. More Info…

Pink Beach, Komodo Island


One of the Lesser Sundra Islands and part of the West Nusa Tenggara province, the island of Lombok is sited right next to Bali’s easterly coast and is circular in shape, with an approximate diameter of 70 km / 43 miles. Around three million people call Lombok their home and welcome visiting tourists, who arrive in Lembar and often head straight for the beaches around Kuta, which are renowned by surfers for their strong waves. Lombok’s city of Senggigi tends to be where the main tourist attractions reside, with plenty of seafood restaurants on hand, while nearby, the beach resort of Mangsit soon fills up. Other highlights include mountain trekking, the unusual beaches around Tanjung Aan, the weaving heritage within Sukarare, and the snorkelling around the neighboring Gili Islands, where sea turtles can regularly be spotted. More Info…

Senggigi is the most developed area for tourists on Lombok


Sumbawa can be found to the east of both Bali and Lombok, and west of Komodo. This popular Indonesian island is roughly three times larger than Lombok and is populated with just over 1.5 million people. Sumbawa Besar is the island capital and lies on the western side, while the main surfing attractions are to be found within the Sekongkan area. To reach Sumbawa from Bali you will need to first catch a ferry to Lombok, travel by bus to the easterly seaport, and then take a further ferry. More Info…

Moyo Island – Sumbawa, Indonesia