Lovina Beach: Dolphin Marina Park in Bali

Bali Island is strategically surrounded by sea filled with a variety of ‘inhabitants’ ranging from microorganisms such as sea worms to big fish like tuna, snapper, sharks, fish, and not infrequently, the whale has ever been stranded on the outskirts of the beach in Bali.

The report of Travel Newspaper in this edition highlights the Dolphin Tour that has begun to draw the interest of tourists. According to our records, dolphin in Bali naturally divides itself into two poles. The first is the dolphin occupying the southern coast. It is rather ‘wild,’ so that it is required a speed boat with a speed of 60-70 km/h because the character of southern coast of Bali has fairly large waves. If we wish to take dolphin tour in this area, we must be prepared to get seasick.

Secondly, it is the dolphin occupying the northern coast of Bali. Here, the waves were calm so that when joining the Dolphin Tour here you can take advantage of traditional fishing boat. It utilizes human power assisted by small engine attached to the rear side of the boat.

Dolphin watching

In the southern sea of Bali Island, we can encounter many dolphins. The appearance of those dolphins is very interesting and impressive, although seasick always come to haunt us if taking this amazing tour.

Dolphin watching tours in the southern coast starts at 8:15 a.m. Local Time. Speed ​​boat departs from the quay of Benoa Harbor that is regularly used by cruise ships such as Quick Silver. Participants of the tour are advised not to wear pants while taking part in this tour.

On the voyage to southern coast, we will see a line of luxury hotels along the Nusa Dua area. Approximately one hour after departure, we begin to look forward to the emergence of amusing dolphins. Since the dolphins are a bit far, they will not be so apparent.

After finding a crowd of dolphins, the speed boat moves slowly to approach them. When getting closer, the crowd of dolphins seems increasingly clearer. Well … they are really dolphins we are waiting for! They are numerous, perhaps more than 100!

“So far, I think the dolphins are not interesting at all. However, when I see the dolphins living in the vast ocean from a close distance, they are really amazing,” said a Japanese tourist named Konishi.

Seeing the dolphins swimming freely in the ocean is really impressive! Its body is glistening in the sun. Slowly they approach the speed boat, then swim and jump to follow us. “Such a leap I have ever seen in the dolphin attractions,” he said again.

Dolphins also have a sense of curiousness. They welcome our speed boat by swimming and jumping. They seem very thrilled! We can see the dolphins that are near and in the distance for about 30 minutes.

Konishi was very delighted to see the emergence of those dolphins and was no longer dizzy. After that, he was back to Benoa.

Emergence of dolphins living in the vast ocean cannot be ascertained. So, please understand if in a day tour, you cannot see the emergence of those dolphins. To be sure, dolphins are clever, funny and unique sea ‘inhabitants.’

Lovina Dolphin Watching Tours

Another story about dolphin is from the coast of Northern Bali. To start the journey of Lovina Dolphin Tour, we have to get up early in the morning. At the dawn, we will sail to the area of Lovina Beach Resort in Northern Bali.

With traditional fishing boat affixed with an engine or what the so-called motorized boat, we will see the attraction of dolphin dance welcoming the morning sun.

If we stay in Kuta or Nusa Dua, this journey will start earlier. We have to go in the morning at 3:00 a.m. Local Time to Singaraja (2.5 hours drive from Denpasar). And, we must arrive at Lovina between 5:30 to 6:00 a.m., and then ride a fishing boat to begin the search for wild dolphins and get ready with your camera!

If you do not want to wake up too early, you should stay at Lovina Beach. There are quite a lot of hotels in this tourist resort. Of course, you will be comfortable to enjoy the pursuit of the dolphins and they are just like competing cheerfully against the boat you are riding. Happy watching dolphins!

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